sobota, 5 marca 2011

Where are you, my precious?

Hello Fellow Pilots!

It's been a while since last update, because me and Keen were very busy and there was no time for My Dear Diary. We are still sticking to hisec pocket where we've located our temporary office and nearby low sec systems. To be honest, we've never earned so much isks in so easy ways. Nothing can compare to wide-spectrum exploration. We are still scanning and doing everything what's worth to roll a pod in a ship. RADARs, Combat LADARs, some hidden Serpentis Complexes, even Magnetojunkies if they are around, but they have lowest priority due to poor "treasures". Even nullsec morphite mining wasn't so profitable, the more, it was horrible boring to just stick in a barge and listen to Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz.... Albeit we are aware that very soon our adventures become repetitive and we will have to move on to new location, so we are preparing funds and reading books to refresh some forgotten skills.
We aren't flying too much into wormholes, only checking new ones for pure curiousity, but one of few we've found two days ago was different, at least we haven't seen anything like that before.
I've jumped into it in my Cheetah, quickly located 2 towers with no ships and no activity. Intel said it is Class 2 wormhole with very nice bonuses to remote repair systems and capacitor capacity (both about 44%) and, there was some fight agains Sleepers like 6 hours ago. Time for blanket scan.
And after first scan which covered entire system I was completely surprised by amound of anomalies and signatures. Anomaly count was about 30 and cosmic signatures was good over 60. How to resolve that puzzle?
I was looking for MAGNETs and RADARs by simply throwing probe box around all celestials and ignoring all LADARs, other WHs and GRAVIMETRICs I've found. Finally I've bookmarked two MAGNETs and we've decided to make some fun for goodnight. Meanwhile Keen's alter ego, Gustav Knuttsen finished two anomalies in Zealot so, we had something to start with Noctis. Quick jump to base to fix fittings on ships and in force of Me and Keen in RR Myrmis, Gustav in Zealot and my alt Bunny Mo (she is Munny's Cousin) in Noctis we jumped into WH. Noctis immediately started clearing all wrecks on the first site, and we've jumped to first MAGNET.
Piece of cake, just moving from can to can, RRing and raising hell in forces of Awakened.
We've finished those two MAGNETs and pushed all ships to k-space after a while. Nothing unexeptional we've found, but we've realized that simple 100% anomalies are more profitable than Magnetojunkies. And Class 2 WH is way too easy and not challenging for us.
Anyway, it was really relaxing, few ISKs and something a bit different from out everyday duty.
The number of signatures in that WH will last for long in our memories, it is nice when there is a choice.

See you around!

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