poniedziałek, 28 lutego 2011

I had a dream...

Hello fellow pilots!

Last night I had a dream about threatening in-EVE messages from other players.
I am not afraid and will never stop taking ya cans folks!


niedziela, 27 lutego 2011

Little Sunday Trip

Hello fellow pilots!

Little trip to Rens for Arbitrator BPC started really at Orvolle where I've found dangerous Hound wreck. Just hanging at the station, all those creepy sharp metal nasty pieces around expesive ships docking and undocking. Something has to be done, so there is MY job. 32M isk in salvage and I am rolling to Rens.

At my way back to Orvolle I've spend some time scanning mission runners in Botane.
One is Myrmi with Hammerheads and Hobgoblin I's... Just flew away when I cleaned first wreck and its cargo.
So, without nice Myrmidon company I've clared rest of the site, picked up some Caldari Navy tags, took some damage from sentry and warped out at half armor in my "Ant". After quick Vigil's repairs at the near station, I came back and started clearing another room. Myrmi is back ! But, good for me, not interested in my presence.
I've cleaned up the space and warped to sun to scan some more.

Another one was Hyperion, doing some work against Mordu's Legion. Few wrecks, lot or red Mordu's still around. That one was an old dog and warped away leaving me against all those dangerous individuals.
Scary, huh?

After my job was done, I've left the site and scanned Proteus fighting Angel Cartel.
Ahhh ! That's what I like to clean, you know why. Started immediately from medium to small wrecks, I was fast moving thru battlefield. Leaving cargo containers behind me, because Proteus looked locked and loaded and locked me with friendly "gtfo" in local.
I didn't look like I understand that he is talking to me, so cleaned up the rest. Oh, and the Drake comes for help.
Never enough firepower against Vigil, huh guys?

Ok, then I jumped into neighbourly located Dodixie to look what cat dragged in to a Federation Navy station, and to sell salvage and loot because my cargohold wass full. I've undocked and saw that Itty wreck just 10km from undock point. Looked inside, some strange plastic wrap packages called "AF - Ishkur - Jita" and "NA - CAP PARTS". Yummy trap, I thought, but what the hell. So, I've docked, bought Bestover, fitted him with 4xWCS and undocked. After making a circle around the wreck and a lot of hard maneuvering, I've finally alligned to some planet, with wreck at 1400m from my side. Quick drag-and-drop package with "AF" mark and warp to 100km at planet, then rewarp to antother station and dock.
And what was in the package? Gallente Shuttle, which i adore, so thanks guys for leaving that one bit of shiny orange metal for me :)

Now waiting for countdown to drop and soon I'll be back at home, sweet home.
And I've received message:

From: Lief Farris
Sent: 2011.02.27 18:52
To: Munny,

I'm gonna be coming for you...
See you soon ;)

My respond was quick:

Re: :)
From: Munny
Sent: 2011.02.27 18:52
To: Lief Farris,  

I hope so, have a nice day sir.

That's all for now.

Birthday and welcome post.

Hello fellow pilots!

Yesterday was my Birthday. 5th, to be precise. I nad few breaks at flying and learning, so I didn't used all five years to bring myself to expected level of experience, but hey, even Brutor needs a break sometime :)
There was no celebration, no party, no baloons (except my alter ego's Bunny Mo ;))...

But the day was quite busy.

Started with an alarm on corp (W33K) channel about presence of Serpentis forces in our area.
The Serpentis Corporation builded Phi-Outpost few systems from us, so in force of Zealot (Gustav Knuttsen) and Gila (me) we pushed them out of our space. We looted 10MN Corelli C-Type Afterburner, so with that and Bunny Mo salvaged wrecks in Noctis we were a bit forward. Everything was done in split second, with care and full speed loot picking. We have a lot of farmers in T3 cruisers around us, and they like to pick up stuff, so we are spamming DS even in hisec.

Rest of corp took a break so I have secured 2x Iteron IV's full cargos of ore dropped at asteroid belts. People really shouldn't drop jettison cans in registered space like asteroid belts, thats dangerous and may cause bumps or collisions for other pilots. And junk in the space looks nasty. No space trash in our area, guys. I've switched from Vigil "Ant" to Vexor, but noone was around to argue about that cans, so I think they expected someone to clean up theis own mess. Ah, people....

After that I moved to trip over few hubs to salvage some T2 ships at stations, but all areas looked cleared, so I burned back home because of another Serpentis Phi-Outpost alarm, this time in 0.4 space. Another W33K member joined the assault, so I was there at the end of the fight. Noctis in, noctis out, rest of us out, system secured. No diamonds that time.

Some time later, during corp chatting, Keen Fallsword bring back to our memory Exequor. Yea, nice idea, so I went out to buy BPC and fit for that baby. We should try it at plex running as tanker for Gustav's Zealot, which is speed and resist tanking all plexes wreaking havoc at Serpentis forces. Looks like fun.

So, another trip to buy BPC, fits and back home. I've installed the manufacturing job and was scanning some low sec signatures, found 4 WHs in one system, checked them, nothing to pick up. Keen also found three WHs, from class 2 to 5 or 6. Some of them was occupied, but he told me that there is a Drake in one of them, fighting with Sleeper Drones.
- Hmm, alone Drake, what about POS?
- There is POS, but only Drake in that WH
So again back to base, board Vexor and with Gustav in Harbinger at my wing we jumped 3 stargates to WH location. Keen was waiting in Cheetah for us, so we BM the exit, and waited for reports.
Drake's pilot switched to Noctis and was on his way to pick up Sleeper's wrecks, so we've jumped in and dropped on Keen's Cheetah. Noctis was faster, must've been alligned and jumped out of anomaly right before us. Point for him for not being stupid. So we scatter our forces around WH to wait a second, looks like that guy is hiding, so I jumped at bookmarked wreck and picked everything from those frig, cruz and one Sleeper BS wrecks. Point for us for having Salvager. Never fly without one.

Back home, Exequor was ready to deliver into hangar, so I've finished the job, fitted him and before going to quarters, we played for some time at the station testing its RR capabilities. Awesome. Good thing is I am close to logistic ships.

That was good day for W33K pilots, we were all busy all the time, besides the events I was in, there were Serpentis Magnetometric and Radar sites cleared so our little library of "Gallente Encryption Methods" grown up again.

Fly Safe.