sobota, 5 marca 2011

Peeking Thru a Bombhatch

Hello Fellow Pilots!

Man has to learn. Even Munny. Yesterday we had a bombing practice!.
I've decided, that to make a better use of myself in the future I need to know how to bomb someone, so I've quickly learned Bomb Deployment theory and after passing short exam I went to buy a Hound.
After putting basic fit with half slots empty we have moved with Keen to nearby wormhole to bomb my beloved cousin, Bunny Mo sitting innocently in Gallente Shuttle.
At a safe spot which Keen prepared in his Cheetah, we left there Bunny Mo and jumped to a nearby planet to prepare surprise attack. Instructed all the time, I warped to my victim and with help of Tactical Overlay, I've launched my first Shrapnel Bomb in my life. No miss, bomb in target, but hey, she is still in that pretty shuttle of her! After checking computer's combat logs and her ship's status I realized that damage was way too small to destroy her. Okay, another approach, and this time I'll train escaping after bomb launch. So, approaching routine, after reaching needed distance I've launched my Bomb and warp away with immediate cloak.
Everything went fine, Bomb in target, but ,she is still there, and the shuttle is in one piece!
Bomb hitted perfectly, Keen was observing everything from safe location, we realized that it could be small signature radius of the shuttle that helped it survive. So, after dropping two bombs, with empty cargohold I felt like prepared to throw a shrapnel rain at some REAL targets.
At the station, I've finished my fitting and after making decision what kind of bombs we will be deploying first, we've picked destination in nearby nullsec and undocked.

Hound Stealth Bomber

Way was calm, Syndicate looked desolate, no usual Rotte Kapelle around, so ve've moved quickly forward to next waypoint. All single ratters and pilots we've encountered were quickly flewing away so, no targets so far.

And finally, a stargate and three Vagabonds. We've rewarped, took our positions, and tried to synchronize our speeds at the approach. Vagabonds weren't just sitting at the gate, they were rather moving around, but sticking in group tight enought to deal damage to all of them. At the right distance, we've deployed our bombs and blitzly unwarped. Combat logs showed that we've dealt damage to all of them, plus to Drake battlecruiser which must've been jumped in thru gate right at the bomb's deploy. OK, that wasn't bad, it is just practice so we were happy that we didn't missed the targets.

While we were preparing for another bombardment, local channel started to grow and on d-scan we've found PLENTY of ships at that stargate. "There is some serious action, we've realized looking at d-scans and counting all those Hurricanes, Vagabonds, Scimitars, interceptors and dramiels". Some wrecks started to appear on d-scan, we we've decided to make another approach.

We've jumped at the safe distance to the gate and started to comment what is going on. Guys were brawling here and there, there was a lot of wreckage, lot of drones, bubble from an Interdictor, people flying around like mad and it looked like it is right after initial strike, and bot sides are fighting more carefully right now. We were very busy at keeping right distance to wrecks and all that stuff flying around, so very carefully we were moving towards the gate under our cloaks. It was hard to decide whom to attack, so we've picked a target and launched our bombs. Situation was really tight because right after me jumped three chasing ships, one was Interdictor. They landed 4000m from me, so I was all wet and swearing while trying to escape at my poor-cloaked speed. But I was succesful, slowly reached space out of bubble. Uff, time to regroup, good for us, our bombs weren't wasted and one of them hit the targed, not destoying it by the way, but, hey, practice, right? So, we have regroupped, and make another jump to the battlefield, we were very excited about all of that and still exchanged our thoughts and ideas.
Next practice target had to be Rupture looting Cynabal wreck, whom he picked as his destination as we've expected. All shiney "Elite Frigate" wrecks were very quickly looted and salvaged so I've lost hope for some ISK, but that wasn't my priority. Rupture was at the wreck and after some maneuvering to coordinate our attack we've launched and unwarped. This time Keen had pleasure to get all wet, he jumped at cellestial and landed right near one of the battle's survivors. But was as lucky as me and escaped thanks to maneuvering and reflex. Third approach, we have our last bombs, so, we've loaded our bays, and jumped again at the stargate area.

Battle countinued, Typhoon was at the site, and it looked like they are going to wreck him, we weren't in good distance to launch bombs to destroy their drones, so we waited a second and I had to make decision, launch bomb on Dramiel slowly moving in my range, or not? We've decided to take the opportunity and I've launched. Didn't scratched him, I've miscklicked at my overviev, I was destroyed and, not surprisingly, podded, it took them a second, as I could expect. Back at home, upgrading clone.

Keen has 8 jumps to our base, so we've arrived there at the same time.
It was great, rich in experience flight, I was very happy with all that bomb throwing, I think I've found new hobby :)
A lot of things to learn in front of us, of course. I had to prepare new overview tab, we have to move more carefully, preparing more safespots and work on tactics at approaching and synchronization.
That was pure practice, targets we've picked were too strong for two bombers, but I feel that after few such trips, our bombing will be more succesful and we will feel more comfortable as bombers.
Fun like hell!

Watch for sharp metal pieces flying around.

Where are you, my precious?

Hello Fellow Pilots!

It's been a while since last update, because me and Keen were very busy and there was no time for My Dear Diary. We are still sticking to hisec pocket where we've located our temporary office and nearby low sec systems. To be honest, we've never earned so much isks in so easy ways. Nothing can compare to wide-spectrum exploration. We are still scanning and doing everything what's worth to roll a pod in a ship. RADARs, Combat LADARs, some hidden Serpentis Complexes, even Magnetojunkies if they are around, but they have lowest priority due to poor "treasures". Even nullsec morphite mining wasn't so profitable, the more, it was horrible boring to just stick in a barge and listen to Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz.... Albeit we are aware that very soon our adventures become repetitive and we will have to move on to new location, so we are preparing funds and reading books to refresh some forgotten skills.
We aren't flying too much into wormholes, only checking new ones for pure curiousity, but one of few we've found two days ago was different, at least we haven't seen anything like that before.
I've jumped into it in my Cheetah, quickly located 2 towers with no ships and no activity. Intel said it is Class 2 wormhole with very nice bonuses to remote repair systems and capacitor capacity (both about 44%) and, there was some fight agains Sleepers like 6 hours ago. Time for blanket scan.
And after first scan which covered entire system I was completely surprised by amound of anomalies and signatures. Anomaly count was about 30 and cosmic signatures was good over 60. How to resolve that puzzle?
I was looking for MAGNETs and RADARs by simply throwing probe box around all celestials and ignoring all LADARs, other WHs and GRAVIMETRICs I've found. Finally I've bookmarked two MAGNETs and we've decided to make some fun for goodnight. Meanwhile Keen's alter ego, Gustav Knuttsen finished two anomalies in Zealot so, we had something to start with Noctis. Quick jump to base to fix fittings on ships and in force of Me and Keen in RR Myrmis, Gustav in Zealot and my alt Bunny Mo (she is Munny's Cousin) in Noctis we jumped into WH. Noctis immediately started clearing all wrecks on the first site, and we've jumped to first MAGNET.
Piece of cake, just moving from can to can, RRing and raising hell in forces of Awakened.
We've finished those two MAGNETs and pushed all ships to k-space after a while. Nothing unexeptional we've found, but we've realized that simple 100% anomalies are more profitable than Magnetojunkies. And Class 2 WH is way too easy and not challenging for us.
Anyway, it was really relaxing, few ISKs and something a bit different from out everyday duty.
The number of signatures in that WH will last for long in our memories, it is nice when there is a choice.

See you around!

wtorek, 1 marca 2011

Alliances and SOV by Munny's eyes.

Welcome to the twenty-fifth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by CrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week or so to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed to Check for other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

This month's topic comes to us from @Tetraetc - "Tetra's EVE Blog" - who asks: "Have Alliances and the sovereignty system limited the amount of PVP and RP potential in Null sec? Imagine a Null Sec where anyone could build outposts wherever. Would the reduction of the alliance game mechanic, and the removal of the sovereignty game mechanics (or the modifcation of it from Alliance level to Corp level for that matter) force more PVP into Null sec, or would giant power blocs like the NC still form themselves?"

Hello fellow pilots!

I have lot of things on my mind about all of that SOV stuff, that is something that we often discussed over the years with my friends, also RL ones. From 2006, I was in many corps, I had few "skilling breaks", I was always at move, changing places, making variuos things. I think I've chosen important moment to get back to EVE after almost a year of non-playing, nor skilling. Player count looks the same as one year ago, that gives me feel that game isn't growing. Why? Maybe because of some of things related to Alliances and SOV? I remember my early EVE times, when there was no wrecks, no T2 ships, no JumpBridges, nullsec was "the far unknown" and you couldn't jump to 0km. It was different.

I've been in few-men Hi-sec mining corporations, and in deep 0.0 corps which were parts of alliances, or powerblocks, so I know what you can get when a pilot can quicky use dozen of JBs to get to Jita instead of flying 50 jumps or so.
But, that ruined a big part of my gameplay to be honest. I really enjoyed and loved null and low-sec hauling. It was like dangerous player-given missions for brave (or stupid) pilots. There were escrow contracts when You could courier goods for money and those contracts was plenty.
When Jump Drives, Cyno, JBs and stuff was given to pilots, that part of the game was gone. I missed it so much that I was still going "manual" way to Jita from time to time, instead of putting order for corp JF or Carrier. For me, not taking a risk connected with hauling goods looted in nullsec if strictly farming, to say brutal. If you are not taking a real risk ratting in less or better protected alliance territory, and then not taking a risk with earning some money with selling loot and salvage, where there is a game?

First conclusion: SOV/Alliance is taking away a big, good part of game like organizing transport fleets, hauling goods, it just makes transport related things too easy, and unfair in some way. Rich players could always build a fleet of freighters, and escort and haul from time to time large amounts of stuff.  Why not? Because it takes too much time? Because it is too hard? Because they can loose something... maybe? Small corps or single players have brains, shadows and blockade runners at their disposal which makes the job done for them very well. That's how we operate in for example, 0.0 NPC areas. We have to handle our operation by ourselves, and there is no "short way".

That brings me to second thing connected to SOV. It is not a mystery what happened to some of the alliances and how NC looks like now. The word is, few guys are "ruling" EVE Universe. So, by "owning" good, rich systems with shiney moons and lots of resources, they in fact are the winners of that game. Ok, but that is completely not ruining my game. I will not complain that someone else is richer, looks like his gameplay style is effective and good for him. That doesn't affects MY own wallet or my skillplan, or my adventure plan.
But, very large game areas owned by Powerblocks are narrowing my area of possible exploration. Of course, I can always fly anywhere and I think that being in 2 or 3-man fleet makes us a minor threat and in most cases almost undetected. But being in SOV territory makes me not aware of pirates and roaming gangs, but rather of players guarding their ISK. Is that healthy?

Second conclusion is: The Galaxy is just too small. That's all. Players will always form clans, gangs, powerblocks, alliances, whatever. You can't run from it and you shouldn't. It is good experience, great for community and makes occasions to raise wars and hell. Just give the rest some "sandbox" space, not force us to play almost all the time on other's turf. Enlarge the galaxy! Twice or triple it. PVP is plenty anywhere with or without Alliances.

Do we need Alliances and SOV in EVE? I think Yes, but mechanics of both need to be changed. Something has to be done, not to take with force something from players, but to make travelling, systems controlling, intel, and possible exploration different and a bit old-school way - harder. 

That will bring back some RP.

One last thing:
Controlling SOV forced players to tactics like NBS and such. Why? Cant't there be civilians? Free traders? Small corps delivering goods, not being part of an Alliance because they would like to work for both sides? Every stranger must be killed on-sight because he can be spy or other threat for SOV. It is connected closely with Outposts where only alliance members can dock, JBs - Alliances do not need us, not-alliance pilots. Can they live without the rest of the EVE universe?
Player outposts everywhere? Hmmm, let's take all those abandoned POSes out first, OK? :)

And, last word, I feel lucky, lucky, lucky that I have no single business connected with SOV or Alliances haha :D Because tears there will be many! Not mine.

Fly safe - Anywhere :) !

Update from Keen Fallsword, CEO of Weekenders,:

There is a very advanced technology in hands of pilots: Jump Drives. So, do we need Stargates anymore? Let everyone jump on their own JD, can you imagine that level of freedom?
Jump Bridges given to Alliances  are far more advanced that Stargates. Low upkeep costs, you can't see them on overview, they give great tactical advantage.
This, with ability to jump thru them for big distances makes them perfect tool of war and trade.
Aren't they ISK-printers? Why making the game easier for players who are so advanced and organized that they can control entire Regions of the Universe? Will controlling SOV be possible without Jump Bridges? Of course yes, but harder, in a fair way. It will not take out 0.0 PVP from the game, nor RP. And here we are - at that moment, Alliances and SOV are not the tools for playing together with other pilots, they are money-making machines for a few. Maybe galaxy is small because of JBs? 

Hard for me not to agree with Keen. When there was no railroads on the U.S., it was country of pioneers and brave. Building Railroads makes U.S. small, and who soon started ruling? Corporations of course, if that's good, judge yourself. I am not a caveman symphatic, nothing like that, but do we have to face not-perfect-real-world mechanics in our beloved game? :)

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  4. More to come...

    Keen at tuesday.

    Core Runner Drop Distribution

    Hello fellow pilots!

    Yesterday at night i was patrolling and scanning nearby lowsec systems in my Probe. Just everyday's work, scanning, flying, sweet RADAR that I've found bring over 40 mil into my cargo so I moved to another pocket to scan some more.

    Photo by Keen Fallsword, taken with Solarblatt 360P 
    Hard-to-scan Signature appeared at my monitors. After some playing with sixth probe I realized that it is LADAR. Ok, let's check, maybe it is combat LADAR site that Keen mentioned me some time ago.
    And yes, it is indeed. Hard to scan, hidden in low security space - Core Runner Drop Distribution.
    I was excited so moved few jumps to home base and switched to Dominix, and quickly upgraded it with Codebreaker module - just in case. I never was on that type of site before, so I was going into unknown, my Lavender Flower, once WH RR boat now was fitted passive omni-plated, but what the hell. I am flying, no time to waste! Hot head.

    Core Runners builded large structure on some asteroids, everything was real foggy, but my HUD showed me few Core Runner battleships, few cruisers and some frigs. All of them was reckognized as "Elite", so I was mentally preparing for a loss. But they didn't appear to be aggresive. No aggro, ok, so I am burning MWD to take up position, because they forces was scattered between 45 to almost 80km away from my ship.

    After reaching distance of a bit under 30km, I've lauched my Gardes, targeted one of closest frigs and gave them  order to engage. Some of them missed, those which hit, didn't make that frig any decent damage, but Gardes started taking damage from others. So, they are defending, ok, I've switched to Hammerhead IIs and throwed them towards that frigate. My ship had Omnidirectional Tracking Link module, but Hammers had hard time hitting that elite frig, after some playing with returning them to cargo and launching again, I lost two Hammers, killed 2 frigs, launched Gardes again and was trying to kill one of the cruisers. My 25k HP armor was slowly dropping, one Large repper couldn't handle massive damage taken from all those now-real-pissed-off Core Runners.

    Looked at my watch, it was late. Keen is probably sleeping at quarters. Bad, very bad near future i started seeing, but after few minutes, surprisingly and with great timing Keen appeared on corp channel.
    - I need help, combat LADAR
    ----destination coords-----
    - OK, what ships, and I am OMW
    He choosed Ishtar and that was an excellent pick. I had to jump to station to repair my armor and hull, and Keen was burning towards my location, if it is adequate word to Ishtar's travelling manner. Ok, he is in system, so I've undocked and met him on SS. We've jumped together at the site, he was first and Core Runners took hit as target that time. He immediately launched Ogre IIs, and they were slowly travelling thru battlefield to nearest target. I started to take care of dampening frigates using my last four Hammers, they were giving Keen some hard time reaaly. Ogres reached their first target and quickly chewed him, so one after another, they killed all of the cruisers and battleships on the site. I was of course providing support flying like a mad from spot to spot to launch Gardes and I started to open Victim's Stashes and other secured containers anchored near drug factory structures.
    Ishtar showed all what's best in Tech II Gallente ships... He just tanked all that damn damage with no problem and dealt most of the damage. He had good, active resist fit agains Serpentis with some sick amount of resists in Thermal and Kinetic.
    Bow to Keen for saving my ass.

    Time for look at the pickings after pacification, and there they are our sweet:

    The cherry on a cake is of course Nanite Control book, which we've decided to sell making order in Jita.

    That was a lot of fun, action and the prize. Our first combat LADAR, and we're scanning for more.

    Fly safe and see you soon.

    poniedziałek, 28 lutego 2011

    I had a dream...

    Hello fellow pilots!

    Last night I had a dream about threatening in-EVE messages from other players.
    I am not afraid and will never stop taking ya cans folks!


    niedziela, 27 lutego 2011

    Little Sunday Trip

    Hello fellow pilots!

    Little trip to Rens for Arbitrator BPC started really at Orvolle where I've found dangerous Hound wreck. Just hanging at the station, all those creepy sharp metal nasty pieces around expesive ships docking and undocking. Something has to be done, so there is MY job. 32M isk in salvage and I am rolling to Rens.

    At my way back to Orvolle I've spend some time scanning mission runners in Botane.
    One is Myrmi with Hammerheads and Hobgoblin I's... Just flew away when I cleaned first wreck and its cargo.
    So, without nice Myrmidon company I've clared rest of the site, picked up some Caldari Navy tags, took some damage from sentry and warped out at half armor in my "Ant". After quick Vigil's repairs at the near station, I came back and started clearing another room. Myrmi is back ! But, good for me, not interested in my presence.
    I've cleaned up the space and warped to sun to scan some more.

    Another one was Hyperion, doing some work against Mordu's Legion. Few wrecks, lot or red Mordu's still around. That one was an old dog and warped away leaving me against all those dangerous individuals.
    Scary, huh?

    After my job was done, I've left the site and scanned Proteus fighting Angel Cartel.
    Ahhh ! That's what I like to clean, you know why. Started immediately from medium to small wrecks, I was fast moving thru battlefield. Leaving cargo containers behind me, because Proteus looked locked and loaded and locked me with friendly "gtfo" in local.
    I didn't look like I understand that he is talking to me, so cleaned up the rest. Oh, and the Drake comes for help.
    Never enough firepower against Vigil, huh guys?

    Ok, then I jumped into neighbourly located Dodixie to look what cat dragged in to a Federation Navy station, and to sell salvage and loot because my cargohold wass full. I've undocked and saw that Itty wreck just 10km from undock point. Looked inside, some strange plastic wrap packages called "AF - Ishkur - Jita" and "NA - CAP PARTS". Yummy trap, I thought, but what the hell. So, I've docked, bought Bestover, fitted him with 4xWCS and undocked. After making a circle around the wreck and a lot of hard maneuvering, I've finally alligned to some planet, with wreck at 1400m from my side. Quick drag-and-drop package with "AF" mark and warp to 100km at planet, then rewarp to antother station and dock.
    And what was in the package? Gallente Shuttle, which i adore, so thanks guys for leaving that one bit of shiny orange metal for me :)

    Now waiting for countdown to drop and soon I'll be back at home, sweet home.
    And I've received message:

    From: Lief Farris
    Sent: 2011.02.27 18:52
    To: Munny,

    I'm gonna be coming for you...
    See you soon ;)

    My respond was quick:

    Re: :)
    From: Munny
    Sent: 2011.02.27 18:52
    To: Lief Farris,  

    I hope so, have a nice day sir.

    That's all for now.

    Birthday and welcome post.

    Hello fellow pilots!

    Yesterday was my Birthday. 5th, to be precise. I nad few breaks at flying and learning, so I didn't used all five years to bring myself to expected level of experience, but hey, even Brutor needs a break sometime :)
    There was no celebration, no party, no baloons (except my alter ego's Bunny Mo ;))...

    But the day was quite busy.

    Started with an alarm on corp (W33K) channel about presence of Serpentis forces in our area.
    The Serpentis Corporation builded Phi-Outpost few systems from us, so in force of Zealot (Gustav Knuttsen) and Gila (me) we pushed them out of our space. We looted 10MN Corelli C-Type Afterburner, so with that and Bunny Mo salvaged wrecks in Noctis we were a bit forward. Everything was done in split second, with care and full speed loot picking. We have a lot of farmers in T3 cruisers around us, and they like to pick up stuff, so we are spamming DS even in hisec.

    Rest of corp took a break so I have secured 2x Iteron IV's full cargos of ore dropped at asteroid belts. People really shouldn't drop jettison cans in registered space like asteroid belts, thats dangerous and may cause bumps or collisions for other pilots. And junk in the space looks nasty. No space trash in our area, guys. I've switched from Vigil "Ant" to Vexor, but noone was around to argue about that cans, so I think they expected someone to clean up theis own mess. Ah, people....

    After that I moved to trip over few hubs to salvage some T2 ships at stations, but all areas looked cleared, so I burned back home because of another Serpentis Phi-Outpost alarm, this time in 0.4 space. Another W33K member joined the assault, so I was there at the end of the fight. Noctis in, noctis out, rest of us out, system secured. No diamonds that time.

    Some time later, during corp chatting, Keen Fallsword bring back to our memory Exequor. Yea, nice idea, so I went out to buy BPC and fit for that baby. We should try it at plex running as tanker for Gustav's Zealot, which is speed and resist tanking all plexes wreaking havoc at Serpentis forces. Looks like fun.

    So, another trip to buy BPC, fits and back home. I've installed the manufacturing job and was scanning some low sec signatures, found 4 WHs in one system, checked them, nothing to pick up. Keen also found three WHs, from class 2 to 5 or 6. Some of them was occupied, but he told me that there is a Drake in one of them, fighting with Sleeper Drones.
    - Hmm, alone Drake, what about POS?
    - There is POS, but only Drake in that WH
    So again back to base, board Vexor and with Gustav in Harbinger at my wing we jumped 3 stargates to WH location. Keen was waiting in Cheetah for us, so we BM the exit, and waited for reports.
    Drake's pilot switched to Noctis and was on his way to pick up Sleeper's wrecks, so we've jumped in and dropped on Keen's Cheetah. Noctis was faster, must've been alligned and jumped out of anomaly right before us. Point for him for not being stupid. So we scatter our forces around WH to wait a second, looks like that guy is hiding, so I jumped at bookmarked wreck and picked everything from those frig, cruz and one Sleeper BS wrecks. Point for us for having Salvager. Never fly without one.

    Back home, Exequor was ready to deliver into hangar, so I've finished the job, fitted him and before going to quarters, we played for some time at the station testing its RR capabilities. Awesome. Good thing is I am close to logistic ships.

    That was good day for W33K pilots, we were all busy all the time, besides the events I was in, there were Serpentis Magnetometric and Radar sites cleared so our little library of "Gallente Encryption Methods" grown up again.

    Fly Safe.