wtorek, 1 marca 2011

Core Runner Drop Distribution

Hello fellow pilots!

Yesterday at night i was patrolling and scanning nearby lowsec systems in my Probe. Just everyday's work, scanning, flying, sweet RADAR that I've found bring over 40 mil into my cargo so I moved to another pocket to scan some more.

Photo by Keen Fallsword, taken with Solarblatt 360P 
Hard-to-scan Signature appeared at my monitors. After some playing with sixth probe I realized that it is LADAR. Ok, let's check, maybe it is combat LADAR site that Keen mentioned me some time ago.
And yes, it is indeed. Hard to scan, hidden in low security space - Core Runner Drop Distribution.
I was excited so moved few jumps to home base and switched to Dominix, and quickly upgraded it with Codebreaker module - just in case. I never was on that type of site before, so I was going into unknown, my Lavender Flower, once WH RR boat now was fitted passive omni-plated, but what the hell. I am flying, no time to waste! Hot head.

Core Runners builded large structure on some asteroids, everything was real foggy, but my HUD showed me few Core Runner battleships, few cruisers and some frigs. All of them was reckognized as "Elite", so I was mentally preparing for a loss. But they didn't appear to be aggresive. No aggro, ok, so I am burning MWD to take up position, because they forces was scattered between 45 to almost 80km away from my ship.

After reaching distance of a bit under 30km, I've lauched my Gardes, targeted one of closest frigs and gave them  order to engage. Some of them missed, those which hit, didn't make that frig any decent damage, but Gardes started taking damage from others. So, they are defending, ok, I've switched to Hammerhead IIs and throwed them towards that frigate. My ship had Omnidirectional Tracking Link module, but Hammers had hard time hitting that elite frig, after some playing with returning them to cargo and launching again, I lost two Hammers, killed 2 frigs, launched Gardes again and was trying to kill one of the cruisers. My 25k HP armor was slowly dropping, one Large repper couldn't handle massive damage taken from all those now-real-pissed-off Core Runners.

Looked at my watch, it was late. Keen is probably sleeping at quarters. Bad, very bad near future i started seeing, but after few minutes, surprisingly and with great timing Keen appeared on corp channel.
- I need help, combat LADAR
----destination coords-----
- OK, what ships, and I am OMW
He choosed Ishtar and that was an excellent pick. I had to jump to station to repair my armor and hull, and Keen was burning towards my location, if it is adequate word to Ishtar's travelling manner. Ok, he is in system, so I've undocked and met him on SS. We've jumped together at the site, he was first and Core Runners took hit as target that time. He immediately launched Ogre IIs, and they were slowly travelling thru battlefield to nearest target. I started to take care of dampening frigates using my last four Hammers, they were giving Keen some hard time reaaly. Ogres reached their first target and quickly chewed him, so one after another, they killed all of the cruisers and battleships on the site. I was of course providing support flying like a mad from spot to spot to launch Gardes and I started to open Victim's Stashes and other secured containers anchored near drug factory structures.
Ishtar showed all what's best in Tech II Gallente ships... He just tanked all that damn damage with no problem and dealt most of the damage. He had good, active resist fit agains Serpentis with some sick amount of resists in Thermal and Kinetic.
Bow to Keen for saving my ass.

Time for look at the pickings after pacification, and there they are our sweet:

The cherry on a cake is of course Nanite Control book, which we've decided to sell making order in Jita.

That was a lot of fun, action and the prize. Our first combat LADAR, and we're scanning for more.

Fly safe and see you soon.

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