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Peeking Thru a Bombhatch

Hello Fellow Pilots!

Man has to learn. Even Munny. Yesterday we had a bombing practice!.
I've decided, that to make a better use of myself in the future I need to know how to bomb someone, so I've quickly learned Bomb Deployment theory and after passing short exam I went to buy a Hound.
After putting basic fit with half slots empty we have moved with Keen to nearby wormhole to bomb my beloved cousin, Bunny Mo sitting innocently in Gallente Shuttle.
At a safe spot which Keen prepared in his Cheetah, we left there Bunny Mo and jumped to a nearby planet to prepare surprise attack. Instructed all the time, I warped to my victim and with help of Tactical Overlay, I've launched my first Shrapnel Bomb in my life. No miss, bomb in target, but hey, she is still in that pretty shuttle of her! After checking computer's combat logs and her ship's status I realized that damage was way too small to destroy her. Okay, another approach, and this time I'll train escaping after bomb launch. So, approaching routine, after reaching needed distance I've launched my Bomb and warp away with immediate cloak.
Everything went fine, Bomb in target, but ,she is still there, and the shuttle is in one piece!
Bomb hitted perfectly, Keen was observing everything from safe location, we realized that it could be small signature radius of the shuttle that helped it survive. So, after dropping two bombs, with empty cargohold I felt like prepared to throw a shrapnel rain at some REAL targets.
At the station, I've finished my fitting and after making decision what kind of bombs we will be deploying first, we've picked destination in nearby nullsec and undocked.

Hound Stealth Bomber

Way was calm, Syndicate looked desolate, no usual Rotte Kapelle around, so ve've moved quickly forward to next waypoint. All single ratters and pilots we've encountered were quickly flewing away so, no targets so far.

And finally, a stargate and three Vagabonds. We've rewarped, took our positions, and tried to synchronize our speeds at the approach. Vagabonds weren't just sitting at the gate, they were rather moving around, but sticking in group tight enought to deal damage to all of them. At the right distance, we've deployed our bombs and blitzly unwarped. Combat logs showed that we've dealt damage to all of them, plus to Drake battlecruiser which must've been jumped in thru gate right at the bomb's deploy. OK, that wasn't bad, it is just practice so we were happy that we didn't missed the targets.

While we were preparing for another bombardment, local channel started to grow and on d-scan we've found PLENTY of ships at that stargate. "There is some serious action, we've realized looking at d-scans and counting all those Hurricanes, Vagabonds, Scimitars, interceptors and dramiels". Some wrecks started to appear on d-scan, we we've decided to make another approach.

We've jumped at the safe distance to the gate and started to comment what is going on. Guys were brawling here and there, there was a lot of wreckage, lot of drones, bubble from an Interdictor, people flying around like mad and it looked like it is right after initial strike, and bot sides are fighting more carefully right now. We were very busy at keeping right distance to wrecks and all that stuff flying around, so very carefully we were moving towards the gate under our cloaks. It was hard to decide whom to attack, so we've picked a target and launched our bombs. Situation was really tight because right after me jumped three chasing ships, one was Interdictor. They landed 4000m from me, so I was all wet and swearing while trying to escape at my poor-cloaked speed. But I was succesful, slowly reached space out of bubble. Uff, time to regroup, good for us, our bombs weren't wasted and one of them hit the targed, not destoying it by the way, but, hey, practice, right? So, we have regroupped, and make another jump to the battlefield, we were very excited about all of that and still exchanged our thoughts and ideas.
Next practice target had to be Rupture looting Cynabal wreck, whom he picked as his destination as we've expected. All shiney "Elite Frigate" wrecks were very quickly looted and salvaged so I've lost hope for some ISK, but that wasn't my priority. Rupture was at the wreck and after some maneuvering to coordinate our attack we've launched and unwarped. This time Keen had pleasure to get all wet, he jumped at cellestial and landed right near one of the battle's survivors. But was as lucky as me and escaped thanks to maneuvering and reflex. Third approach, we have our last bombs, so, we've loaded our bays, and jumped again at the stargate area.

Battle countinued, Typhoon was at the site, and it looked like they are going to wreck him, we weren't in good distance to launch bombs to destroy their drones, so we waited a second and I had to make decision, launch bomb on Dramiel slowly moving in my range, or not? We've decided to take the opportunity and I've launched. Didn't scratched him, I've miscklicked at my overviev, I was destroyed and, not surprisingly, podded, it took them a second, as I could expect. Back at home, upgrading clone.

Keen has 8 jumps to our base, so we've arrived there at the same time.
It was great, rich in experience flight, I was very happy with all that bomb throwing, I think I've found new hobby :)
A lot of things to learn in front of us, of course. I had to prepare new overview tab, we have to move more carefully, preparing more safespots and work on tactics at approaching and synchronization.
That was pure practice, targets we've picked were too strong for two bombers, but I feel that after few such trips, our bombing will be more succesful and we will feel more comfortable as bombers.
Fun like hell!

Watch for sharp metal pieces flying around.

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